10 minutes a day- Day 22

Today we will be tackling bookbags. This will be done in two steps 1) interior of the bag 2) bag storage. The first thing you will need to do is gather all bookbags in your home and bring them to you ” decluttering area” .

what you will need

  1. All book bags in the home
  2. Extra school supplies stored in the home
  3. Notebook/pen- To make shopping list
  4. Storage options- Hooks, cubbies etc. to store bookbags
  5. Clock/phone- for 10 minute timer

steps to decluttering bookbags

  1.  Set timer for 10 minutes
  2. Empty all bookbags
  3. Divide by child (if applicable)
  4. Have each child choose one bookbag (if you have a surplus)
  5. Throw out any garbage
  6. Organize contents
  7. Replace contents
  8. Set up “launch pad”area to store all bookbags



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