10 minute a day- Day 21

Today we will be decluttering our wallets. This should be a quick one (unless you have a VERY cluttered wallet)

What you will need to do first is decide on a specific number of wallets that you would like to have. For example: I have 4 (1 per season)

What you will need

  1. Garbage Bag
  2. Donation Bag
  3. Wallets
  4. Cards

How to declutter your wallet

  1. Streamline your wallets- Once you decide on the number of wallets you want donate the extras that are in good condition & throw out those that are damaged.
  2. Declutter wallets
    • Empty all wallets
    • Throw out all garbage
    • File away any receipts you need to keep
  3. Put all your cards in your most frequently used wallet
  4. Store your extra wallets in a designated area



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