10 minutes a day- Day 19

Today’s declutter challenge is bringing us back to the bedroom (or linen closet- wherever you store your bedding) We will be purging and organizing all of your bedsets.

what you need

  • Clock/Phone- For 10 minute timer
  • Donation box
  • Garbage bag
  • Vacuum seal bags

How to declutter bedding

  • Get all your supplies together
  • Set your timer for 10 minutes
  • Sort through each item of bedding
  • Keep all sets together
  • Anything that is in horrible shape=garbage
  • Anything that mix matches (if you have matching sets) = donate
  • Anything out of season or infrequently used = put in vacuum seal bags
  • Any remaining items (fold sheets and place in corresponding pillowcase to keep set together) & place with the corresponding comforter
  • Place back in bedroom/linen closet



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