10 minutes a day – day 17

Today’s declutter challenge is decluttering your photos. This does not include photos you have up around the house in frames that you know for sure you are going to be keeping but instead any pictures you have stored away in boxes and bins.

What you will need:


Garbage Bag- For doubles or photos of people or places you do not remember

Large envelopes- For temporary photo storage

Phone/Clock- To set 10 minute timer

How to declutter photos

  1.  Set timer for 10 minutes
  2. Sort through all photos making two piles (keep/garbage)
  3. Going through your keep pile and organize in whatever method you would like to store them in :
    • By year/decade
    • By who is in them
    • By type of event
  4. Place the photos in separate envelopes based on division (for later storage in photoalbum or photobook)



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