10 minutes a day – Day 15

Today we are moving on to the dreaded paperwork pile. Old bills, reciepts, notes, grocery lists, whatever else you have laying around in endless piles.

What you will need

Some form of storage solution – Can be files, boxes, letter trays etc.

Recycling bin or garbage bag-

Shredder (optional but reccommended)- For papers with personal information

Clock/phone- For 10 minute times

How to declutter papers

  1. Set timer for 10 minutes
  2. Bring all papers together
  3. Separate into four piles
  • File (Important information, Paid bills, tax information)
  • Action (Bills to pay, Letters to read, Coupons to use,flyers to look into etc.)
  • Recycle (Old lists, Random notes, Junk mail, Old Flyers)
  • Shred (Credit Card applications, any papers with personal informationSort through each piece of paperwork and decide on an action

4. Work on each pile (File the “file” folder using your chosen storage solution, Do the action or schedule the action from the “Action” pile, Shred all personal information papers & recycle everything that is left.


Tips: When you get your mail go through it right away–get rid of any junk mail immediately. Then sort through the items (file what needs to be file, schedule what needs to be scheduled, pay what you can at the moment, shred what needs to be shredded)

Tip #2. How long do you need to keep certain paperwork?

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