10 minutes a day- Day 14

Today we will be decluttering child(ren)’s closets. This will be quite similar to the master closet with a few different evaluations for choosing what to keep & donate.

What you’ll need:

  • Clock/ Phone-
  • Garbage Bag-
  • Donation Box-
  • Your child(ren) (optional but recommended)-
  • Uniform Hangers
  • Bins/baskets

Steps to decluttering child(ren)’s closet(s)

  1. If you choose to involve the child(ren) have them in the room and explain how you will be decluttering their clothing (best to make it seem fun)
  2. Set your timer for 10 minutes
  3. Go through each item of clothing
  • Does it still fit – No? Donate
  • Is it still in wearable condition- No? Garbage
  • Does you child still like/wear it – No? Donate
  • Is it something your child/children can grow into?- Yes? Keep
  • Is it something that may not fit this child but could fit a younger sibling?- Yes- change room

4. Put everything back using baskets, bins & uniform hangers (to make the closet look neat and organized).


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