10 minutes a day – day 12

Today it is time to get at the cleaning supplies. Personally I would recommend one of three storage options:

1. Tension rod & spray bottles

2. Baskets

3. Shelving

What you will need:

  1. Cleaners
  2. Other cleaning materials (sponges, magic erasers etc.)
  3. Organization Materials (tension rod, spray bottles, pump bottles, baskets etc.)
  4. Garbage bag– For any garbage, empty bottles etc.
  5. Notebook/pen-– To list any cleaning supplies you need to purchase
  6. Clock/Phone- To set 10 minute timer

How to organize your cleaning supplies

  1. Set timer for 10 minutes
  2. Declutter
  • Gather all cleaning supplies (if you are putting cleaners in uniform bottles do so now)
  • Clean out all excess materials in your storage area (pantry, under the sink etc.)
  • Throw away any garbage in the area
  • Wipe down area
  • Organize cleaning supplies based on function (ie. I separate my cleaning supplies into three categories: Kitchen, Bathroom & Whole home)
  • Put away in an organized fashion (using baskets, bins, tension rods and/or shelving)


step 4- List any cleaners/supplies you are missing so you can go shopping for them.

How do you organize your cleaning supplies? where do you store them?

Come back tomorrow to declutter kid’s toys


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