10 minutes a day- Day 13

Today we will be decluttering the pile of toys that you inevitably stub your toe on and step on and trip over and so forth. .I don’t personally have children but children’s toys is definitely an area that needs to stay organized. Plus side is you can turn it into a game and get the kids involved (which may turn them into a declutterer :))


What you are going to need

Your child(ren): Optional (but recommended)

Garbage bags

Donation box

bins, baskets- for storage

Clock/ Phone– for 10 minute alarm

To Declutter Toys

  1. Step one (optional) get the child(ren) involved.. Making decluttering seem like a game, making it fun, could actually help your child(ren) develop a less is more attitude.
  2. Step two : Set timed for 10 minutes
  3. Step three: Throw out any broken toys
  4. Step four: Donate a selective amount of toys (if doing as a game– tell your child(ren) to choose 10 or 20 toys (whatever amount appeals to you) in 10 minutes that they want to give to other children who don’t have as much. This will also help develop a sense of charity.
  5. Step five: Organized remaining toys in an organized fashion



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