My travel bucketlist pt 1

All of my life I have loved to travel, to see the world and experience new things. Last summer I went to Newfoundland for my bestfriend’s wedding & at that point I have realized I have been to more different countries than I have provinces in my own country. So I started writing down places I would like to see to assess if that was really a problem for me or if it was more of an accomplishment. This is the first five places that I came up with for my travel bucketlist .

Vancouver BC Canada– I would love to go to Vancouver some day. I was offered a free trip out in 2015 but had to turn it down due to prior commitments but I do intend to make it out there some day. Things i’d like to do/see while i’m in Vancouver: 

  1. Capilano suspension bridge — 450ft long, 230ft high suspension bridge with breathtaking views of vancouver from above.
  2. Vancouver look out — 360 degree view of the city, 167 M high with information plaques about the different places to visit.
  3. Vancouver art gallery — four floors of local and international contemporary art.
  4. Stanley part horse drawn tours – -Fully narrariated one hour tours of Stanley Park by traditional hourse drawn carriage.
  5. Science World — Science exhibitions, demonstrations & interactive displays

Athens Greece– Who doesn’t want to see Athens? My last trip to Europe didn’t include Greece so I haven’t gotten around to get there yet but I would love to make it there some day. I’m actually hoping to get my mom & my self on a European tour so she can see Greece & Italy like she’s always wanted since she sent me on my European tour for my highschool graduation. 

Things I’d like to see/do in Athens:

  1. Ancient Promenade — Starts at the temple of Zeus and connects the most well known sites of Greece.
  2. National Archaeological Museum — Finest collection of classical Greek art
  3. Temple of Olympian Zeus — It is the largest temple in Greece & took over 700 years to finish . I love Greek Mythology so I think this would be really cool.
  4. National Gardens-– Beautiful park with wildlife and a rich history
  5. Greek island cruise-– 11 hours of travel around all the Greek islands on a yacht (need I say more.)

San Diego California US– Okay so the main reason I would like to go to San Diego is Comic-con, i’ve been trying to get tickets for three years now with no luck but I’m not giving up anytime soon.

Things i’d like to do/ see in San Diego–

  1.  Comic-Con- Definitely #1 thing I’d like to do in San Diego, I’m a massive geek and SDCC is like the image of heaven for me.
  2. San Diego Zoo– home of over 4000 animals over 800 exotic species
  3. Harbour Cruise of San Diego Bay— History & Highlights told by tour guide during a relaxing cruise on the bay
  4. Balboa Park — 17 museums & gardens to see near the zoo
  5. Belmont Park — Right next to the beach includes vintage games, rides & a wooden rollercoaster

San Jose, Costa Rica — I would love to go to visit a rain forest, the nature, the animals it all seems so amazing. Things I’d like to do in San Jose:

  1.  6 in 1 Tour : Rainforest adventures Costa Rica — Nature Trail, Ziplining over the rainforest, Garden full of butterflies & frogs, ariel tram . You get to see the rainforest from multiple angles.
  2. National Museum — In case you can’t tell from the list so far I am a big fan of museums, also this one has a butterfly garden which would attract me on it’s own.
  3. Plaza de la  Cultura — Center of the city, full of shops & theatres & below the plaza are subterranean museums.
  4. Teatro Nacional-– Guided tours of the national theatre, beautiful architecture, statues
  5. Rios Tropicales-– White water rafting, swimming, great scenery

Edinburgh Scotland– Scotland is a country that is rich with history not only that, it is also full of my family’s history. My great-great grandfather came over to Canada from Scotland so I would like to see where my family originated. Things i’d like to see in Edinburgh:

  1. Loch Ness & The Highlands Full-Day Tour —National parks, castles & the home of the Loch Ness Monster 🙂 What could be more Scottish
  2. The Royal Yacht Britannia– How the royal family traveled in Scotland for over 44 years, also was the site of royal honeymoons & holidays.
  3. Edinburgh Castle Tour-– It’s a castle I really don’t need a reason
  4. Edinburgh Ghost Bus Tour–Theatrical site seeing tour
  5. Harry Potter Filming Location Walking Tour– No other comment needed

Have you ever been to any of these places? What was your greatest experience? Where is somewhere you want to visit?let me know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “My travel bucketlist pt 1

  1. Manhattan to Roam says:

    I loved Vancouver when I visited this summer! All of British Columbia is really beautiful. Vancouver has some really great hikes within an hour and a half away. I recommend getting a car and exploring Whistler as well if you go. It’s great in the summer or winter. I did a 3 part series on my road trip through Vancouver and British Columbia on my blog.


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