January Declutter- Day 10

As you know if you read my post of junk drawers that I do not have one. That being said I did for years  before deciding to ditch it. If you want to learn how to ditch the junk drawer click the above link. If you decide you cannot live without it please continue to read how to keep it decluttered & organized.

Things you will need

Clock/Phone- For 10 minute timer

Drawer organizers of various sizes– To organize the space

Garbage bag

Donation Box

How to declutter the junk drawer

Step 1- Have all supplies handy

Step 2- Set 10 minute timer

Step 3- Declutter

  • Empty the junk drawer
  • Throw out any garbage in the drawer
  • Donate any times that are in good condition but not necessary to your life
  • Separate items into categories (batteries, glue, tape, tools etc)
  • clean drawer
  • place items into pins/ drawer organizer and return to drawer

Do you have a junk drawer? Are you considering ditching the junk drawer? Do you keep your junk drawer organized. Share your progress on Instagram using the hashtag #happyorganizedjanuary



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