10 minutes a day – day 9

Today we will be decluttering & organizing pets items (if you don’t have any pets consider it a day to just relax) in my home I have two pet zones (cat food zone & cat fun zone).

Items you will need

Donation Box

Garbage Bag

Notebook/pen- To make shopping list

Food/ water bowls

pet toys

Walking items (leash, harness, collars)

Baskets or bins – 1 to hold toys, 1 to hold walking items & one to hold food

Phone/Clock – To set 10 minute timer

Steps to declutter pet items

Step 1- have all items handy

Step 2- Set timer for 10 minutes

Step 3- Declutter

  • Check over each toy (anything torn/destroyed= garbage; anything your pet does not play with= donate to animal shelter or vet office) whatever is left should be placed in a storage item (I use a wicker basket)
  • Choose a storage method for your pet’s food. I use clear plastic containers to hold cat food, my mom & sister both have garbage cans filled with dry dog food. Set up an area with the dishes & food storage.
  • Check over walking items (leashes, harnesses, collars) throw out any damaged & donate any you don’t use. Store the remaining in an organized fashion somewhere near the door
  • Look over other pet items (blankets, beds etc.) if it is damaged= repair or garbage; if it’s never used donate to a shelter or vet office or choose a pet zone to keep those things in near the toy storage)

Step 4- List: Create a shopping list of any pet items you need (new leash, more food, treats, new toys etc.)


How do you organize your pet items?


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