10 minutes a day-Day 8

Today is the beginning of week 2 of the January declutter challenge. If you are just joining now you can begin at this point and catch up at anypoint. You can get the links to the other day’s challenges by clicking HERE.  So far we have decluttered seasonal items, clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup, purses & cookbooks. Today we are going to be doing cooking utensils. 


Items you will need:

Donation box

Garbage bag


Day planner

Utensil holder(s)

Phone/Clock: to set your 10 minute timer

Steps to declutter kitchen utencils

Step  one: Gather all items in one place (I just used my counter, you can you your table, island where ever)

Step two: Have supplies handy

Step three: Declutter:

  • Sort your items into categories of your choosing based on how you are going to organize them for example my categories are:

Baking Utensils (Whisks, Scrapping Spatulas Etc.

Cooking Utensils #1 (Tongs & Spoons)

Cooking Utensils #2 (Spatulas)

Specialized Utensils (hand grater, pizza cutter, ice cream scoop etc.)

  • Go through each item
    • If it is damaged (Garbage)
    • If you have unnecessary multiples (Donate)
  • Organize items into utensil holders and/or kitchen drawers

Step four: List- Create a shopping list for kitchen utensils you need & do not have.



Share your progress on my facebook page or on instagram & twitter using #happyorganizedjanuary & tagging me @organizemehappy






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