Family Game Night

Why family game nights are important

It’s a new year and you’ve probably been spending the last couple weeks coming up with New Year’s Resolutions (lose weight, be healthier etc.) but what about spending quality time with your family (be it your spouse, your parents, your in-laws, your siblings, your children– whatever the make up of your specific family may be)? No matter what your family looks like a family game night is a great way to spend time with each other and have fun at the same time. 

What is your family’s makeup?

The first step in planning a great family game night is to have the proper games for your family’s particular makeup. My family for instance consists of my husband and myself. We do our game nights one of three ways:

Just the two of us– Usually by having a card game tournament (go fish, 7up, crazy 8s, poker, war) or a 2 person compatible board game (life, battleship, monopoly)

My husband, my father & myself— We go to my parent’s house (two blocks away) & play cards with my dad usually about once every couple weeks.

My husband, his sister, her husband and myself–These are our big family game nights the ones I really enjoy. I usually make a special dish (or we order pizza) and we choose from the collection of board games I own (taboo, scene it, trivial pursuit etc.) We try and have one of these game nights once a month (it is difficult to schedule a time when none of us are working)

Other examples of makeups are: two parents+children, one parent + children, triple generation (grandparent(s)+parent(s)+child(ren)) the list goes on.

Choosing the games

What type of games would you like to play ? Board, Cards or Video?

What games are recommended for the age group playing?

What games do you already have at home?

Choosing the food

Believe it or not family game nights are not ALL about the games. They are about spending quality time together & what do people like more than eating? Our family game night meals consist of one of the following

Spaghetti & mozzarella stuffed meatballs

Homemade pizza

Pizza delivered

Ham & Garlic Mashed Potatoes


We also have snacks & drinks:

Veggie and/or fruit tray

cheese tray


candy jar


Chocolate milk




Scheduling the family game night

Make it a routine & schedule it in your planner

is it going to be a weekly/bi-weekly or monthly occurrence?

is it going to be the same day each time or different?

what schedules need to be considered?







20 thoughts on “Family Game Night

  1. terristeffes says:

    We have a neighborhood game night that is a lot of fun. It is fun to be able to cut loose with your friends on a regular basis, plus it is cheap fun!


  2. Vaishnavi @ Dentmaker says:

    Oh yes, we love family game nights too. That’s such a lovely bonding time and so much fun. We’ve not thought about scheduling it on a regular basis. That is an awesome idea to unwind – once a fortnight should work wonders!


  3. Jean says:

    I love the idea of a family game night! I spent NYE playing games with friends and it was lots of fun, so would definitely like to do it regularly. Its a nice way to spend time together 🙂


  4. Megan mccoig says:

    I’ve never had a family game night but it sounds so fun. I love a good family gathering, one with food and laughter. Must suggest it!


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