10 minutes a day – Day 7

The 1st week of the January challenge is coming to an end and today we are going to be decluttering cookbooks.

Today not only marks the end of week one for my January Challenge it also marks the beginning of A Bowl Full of Lemon’s 14 week organization challenge which I try and take part in every year. Conveniently for me the first week is the kitchen which happily corresponds with my cookbook declutter challenge. So today for the ABFOL challenge I thought i’d start by organizing my baking cupboard which also houses my cookbooks


Anyway enough about my day. Here are my tips for decluttering cookbooks.

**For the purpose of this post when I refer to “cookbooks” I am refering to books purchased with recipes in them & when I refer to “recipebooks” I am refering to notebooks or purchased binders to keep recipe cards.

stuff you’ll need

  • Donation box
  • Pens
  • Recipe book  *for write in recipes (either an actual recipe book or a notebook whichever works for you)
    • I have two books where I can house my recipes (one Mickey mouse for apps, entrees & drinks and one Minnie mouse for desserts)disney-mickey-mouse-recipe-book-root-1tog4064_1470_1.jpg
  • All cook books
  • All magazines etc. that hold recipes you may want
  • Clock /Phone for 10 minute timer

Steps to decluttering cookbooks

Step 1- Have all supplies handy

Step 2– Create three piles –One for cookbooks, one for recipe books & one for loose recipes

Step 3– Set timer for 10 minutes

Step 4– Declutter cookbooks

  • Do you use it ? Will you use it? if both are no then donate
  • Do you have duplicates of these recipes? If yes than donate
  • Place loose recipes in your recipe book & make a note to rewrite at a later date
  • Schedule the time to rewrite your recipes
  • Place back remaining books in an organized manner

Do you ever even use your cookbooks? if not than donate them. There are plenty of places online to keep track of recipes. If you are like me and use them frequently & just love how they look than streamline them. Copy as many recipes as you can into your recipe books & keep only the cookbooks you will use frequently.

Do you use cookbooks or recipebooks or do you just go online to find a recipe? if you do have some how do you organize them?


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