10 minutes a day- Day 6

Today we are tackling the dreaded purse. You know the place where receipts, makeup, Kleenex & change go to just make your life complicated. I’m here to help you end that by using the step by step 10 minute declutter method to organize your purse.

What you need

  1. garbage bag
  2. donation bag
  3. makeup bag
  4. wallet
  5. purses

optional: purse organizer


Steps to decluttering your purse(s)

step 1- Declutter the amount of purses- Are you a person who has 25 purses? nobody needs that many purses. Decide on how many are reasonable my list for example is:

1 large pink

1 large blue

1 cross shoulder green

1 black clutch

1 silver clutch

Total = 5 Purses

Based on this list I got rid of 4 purses during this purge

Step 2- Declutter what is in your purses– Empty all your purses in one area.

  • throw away any garbage
  • keep any needed receipts (in a receipt folder NOT in your purse)
  • put any loose makeup in a small makeup bag
  • put any random items that don’t belong in your purse where they need to go
  • put any loose cards in your wallet or card holder
  • put everything back in an organized manner.

I highly recommend the purse organizers, especially for larger purses. they help keep everything in their own place & makes it easier to find what you need. 


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