10 minutes a day-Day 5

Today we are tackling the makeup drawer/vanity or cupboard where ever you keep your makeup. (not the makeup bag that will be on a separate day).

What you need:

  • Donation bag
  • Garbage bag
  • Notebook/pens/planner
  • Cleaning supplies

Steps to decluttering makeup

Step 1- Have all your supplies handy

Step 2- Must have makeup list— Create your unique must have makeup list (some people wear a lot less makeup than others so this is completely personalized. This can go in your notebook

Mine is:



eyeshadow pallet


black eyeliner


lipstick (brown, nude, pink & red)


makeup remover pad

Step 3- Set your timer for 10 minutes

Step 4- Declutter-

  • Take all your makeup out of its drawer, cupboard, basket or whatever you store it in
  • Check each item -is it expired or empty?- if yes throw it out. Is it something that you don’t use but can’t really be used by someone else (ie. eyeliner)if yes throw it out. Is it something you don’t use but can be used by someone else (ie. eyeshadow) if yes donate it.
  • Clean the area you store your makeup
  • Put everything back (keeping like items together)

Step 5- Shopping list:  Are there items on your must have list that you do not currently have? if yes create a makeup shopping list and place it in your planner.



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