Creating a meal plan

Do you spend too much money at the grocery store? Do you grab a burger on the way home because you don’t know what to eat or what you have to make at home? The best way to curb the take out and save money is to meal plan.

One. Download & Print my free 4 week meal plan printable. I also laminate the printable, place magnetic tape to the back and keep it on my fridge. With the lamination I can use white board markers to write my meals & wipe clean when i’m done.

Two. Take inventory of what you already have at home. There is also a printable for pantry & fridge/freezer inventory.

Three. Make a list of family favourite meals (including takeout) using this printable. I keep this list in my life binder food section (which I will write about in wednesday’s life binder post)

Four. Plan for eating out– If you and your family like to treat yourself to takeout be it fast food, sit down restaurants or a pizza night, plan it.

Five. Check your schedule– Figure out what days you have more time (for bigger home cooked meals) & what day you have very little time (takeout maybe?) or somewhere in the middle (slow cooker, freezer meals etc.)

Six. Going through your family favourite list & your inventory choose your meals. Using as much of your current ingredients as possible writing the remaining needed ingredients for your grocery list (Check back for my post on intentionally grocery shopping on Sunday).

My meal plan for this week:

Monday– Chicken Fingers, Fries & Mozza Sticks

Tuesday– Takeout (The Pirate)

Wednesday– Homemade Pizza

Thursday–Spaghetti & Mozza-Filled Meat Balls

Friday– Hotdog and Fries

Saturday– Chicken & Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Sunday– Breakfast for Supper (Pancakes, Eggs, Toast & Sausage)

Like I have mentioned I don’t eat the best. I do make sure I have at least 2 healthy meals per week, I focus more on making sure I have small frequent meals than on what I am eating in particular. Next week my list will change however I will still have homemade pizza on one day (usually Wednesdays) & Takeout on one day.


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