10 minutes a day-day 3

Today we are decluttering shoes. I find this to be one of the hardest things to declutter but it is still important because you don’t want shoes taking up valuable space in your home. If you did yesterday’s challenge you probably noticed a color pattern to your wardrobe (that will be important)

What you will need:

Your notebook & pen–to create your shoe wish list

Donation Box– for the shoes you wish to donate

Garbage Bag– for the shoes that are damaged

Phone/Clock– for your 10 minute timer

steps to decluttering shoes

Step 1– What is your wardrobe palette?

my wardrobe palette

Main Neutrals– Brown, Black &Grey

Secondary Neutrals–White , Navy & Forrest Green

Accent Colors– Blue, Pink, fushia & Purple 

when I organized my closet I realized all my clothes were in one or a combination of these 10 colors.

Step 2– Shoe Wishlist Using your notebook create a list of the type of shoes you would like & the colors you would like them in (tip: it is best to do boots & heels in your neutral colors & flats/sandles in either the neutral or accent colors).

My shoe wishlist

  • Workboots
  • Skidoo Boots
  • Tall Boots (Grey, Brown & Black)
  • Short Boots (Grey, Brown & Black)
  • Heels (Black, Nude)
  • Sandals (Black)
  • Flats (White, Fushia)
  • sneakers (black)

=13 pairs

Step 3– Have your remaining supplies handy (garbage bag, donation box, phone/clock)

Step 4– Set your timer for 10 minutes

Step 5– Declutter

  • Gather all your shoes in one area
  • Check each pair (if they are damaged =garbage; if they no longer fit = donate)
  • Using the remaining shoes check the wishlist, if the shoe is not on the list= donate
  • If there are any types of shoes on the list that you don’t have create a list to buy when you have a chance.

Did you miss yesterday’s closet declutter? If so CLICK HERE and check back tomorrow for the jewelry declutter.

** How was your shoe purge? Join us on facebook to share your progress or use the hashtag #happyorganizedjanuary on twitter or instagram and tag me @organizemehappy.  


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