10 minutes a day- Day 2 Clothing

Happy Monday everyone! If you took my prep advice at the bottom of yesterday’s challenge than all your laundry should be completed. If that is the case this challenge is going to be a lot easier for you.

Items you will need:

Hangers– I use both shirt hangers and pant hangers (for my skirts)

Basket– To put clothes that need to go to the drycleaner or be repaired

Donation box —I have one box which I will use throughout the whole challenge. When it is full I take it to donate immediately or transfer it to a bag for easier transport at a later date.

Garbage bag–Always important in a declutter if it’s damaged & you will not repair it chuck it.

Phone/Clock (to set a 10 minute timer)

Steps to declutter clothing.

Step 1: Make sure all clothes are washed and in the same room15824255_1710030615954332_950566663_o.jpg

Step 2: Have supplies handy (see list above)

Step 3: Set timer to 10 minutes. 

Step 4: Declutter

  • Empty each drawer one at a time (completely empty)
  • Look at the item
    • if it has not been warn in the last 6 months, if you have doubles of the same item, it no longer fits or if you no longer like it–throw it in the donatation box
    • if it is damaged & you will not repair it –throw it in the garbage
    • if it is damaged & you will repair it or it needs to be drycleaned put it in the drycleaner basket
  • Put each item back in the dresser neatly.
  • Take out all hangers from closet (so it’s empty)
  • Look at each item (go through same process as above)
  • Rehang each item (by type, color, style whichever way you prefer)

Be quick when evaluating your clothes, if you have to give it too much thought there’s a good chance you should donate (don’t keep anything you don’t love).  If it takes more than the 10 minutes, finish whatever part you are on and schedule a time to do the rest. (i.e. if it takes 10 minutes to do your dresser schedule a day to do the closet) or if you really want to finish keep it going. 

TIP: Once your clothes are organized & hanging you may notice a color scheme emerge, if you have an item that does not follow that scheme & that you do not love (donate,donate,donate).

**Did you miss the seasonal organization yesterday (CLICK HERE) Check back tomorrow for decluttering shoes (probably the most painful of all decluttering tasks)

When I reorganized I did (bottom self [pants]- Dress pants, Jean shorts, Darkwash, Lightwash, Leggings; 2nd self- capris, comfy tees, PJs; top shelve (sweats, gym pants, gym shirts, bathingsuits) & for my closet I went from one closet casual & one closet dressy to one closet neutral tones & one closet colorful) I donated a large tote of items (& it’s only been 2 months since my last purge:) )

** How was your clothing purge? Join us on facebook to share your progress or use the hashtag #happyorganizedjanuary on twitter or instagram and tag me @organizemehappy. 


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