10 minutes a day- Day 1: Seasonal Items

Happy New Year everyone! Today we will be decluttering our seasonal items. Unfortunately I got a little restless last evening and forgot to take a before picture so just imagine if you will, I had my tree up and decorated, snowmen all over the house, my seasonal table decore and my christmas village as well as stuff just thrown in a closet.

For the purpose of this challenge to keep it to 10 minutes or less we are only focusing on Christmas/Winter items. There will be more challenges later in the year for the other seasonal items (however, if you feel like taking the extra time now go ahead I can’t stop you, nor would I want to).

Items you will need:

Bins/Totes/Boxes (whatever you use to store your items)– I use stackable totes ( I ran out while storing my Christmas stuff so some stuff is also in a show box)

Bubblewrap/newspaper/pags (whatever you use to protect your breakables)

Donation box —I have one box which I will use throughout the whole challenge. When it is full I take it to donate immediately or transfer it to a bag for easier transport at a later date.

Garbage bag–Always important in a declutter since anything broken is gone.

Phone/Clock (to set a 10 minute timer)

Steps to decluttering seasonal items:

Step one– Gather all your items in one space. I used the floor in front of my tree, took down the ornaments & created a pile with them, piled my stuffed snowmen, piled my kitchen items & a little area for my village. 

Step 2– Have supplies handy. See list above.

Step 3– Set your timer for 10 minutes.

Step 4– Declutter.

Go through the items one by one and ask yourself:

  • Does it fit my Christmas theme (mine for example is red & white/snowmen) –if no then donate
  • Is it broken? If so will I ever fix it? — If it is & you wont then garbage
  • Do I love it? –if no then donate
  • Does it have sentimental value?–if no then donate.

Step 5– Organize & Store

  • Using your bins/boxes etc. start storing your items
  • Keep like items together (example: in my bins I have a Ziploc bag for red balls & a Ziploc bag for white balls)
  • Protect fragile items by wrapping in bubble wrap, newspaper or plastic bags
  • put your boxes/bins away for next year.

There.  Quick-easy-painless 10 minutes of decluttering. 

Prep for tomorrow– Make sure all your laundry is done because tomorrow we are tackling clothes.

**How did you do? did you have a lot to get rid of or not much at all? Join the challenge on Facebook to share your progress over the next 31 days . Also use #happyorganizedjanuary on twitter & Instagram.



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