Time Management Mistakes Day 5

This is the last day in the five days of time management mistakes. Today’s topic will be on Multitasking and how it essentially it not possible.

I used to believe multitasking was possible, actually I believed I was really good at it, until I realized I wasn’t.

If you are doing two things at once neither is getting done as well as it could or should be.

Task shifting is the better word, you are not spending equal time on both tasks at once what you are actually doing is switching back and forth between the two tasks not actually focusing on either. It also takes up more time to go back and forth between two tasks then it does to focus on one at a time. A study has also shown that multitasking decreases your productivity by 40%.

So the best way to manage your time is when you schedule your tasks make sure you schedule each task in it’s own time and focus only on that one task otherwise your productivity will suffer. you may get both done but neither will be done well.



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