How to start organizing your life

Organization does not come easily for everyone, the most common issue is people just don’t know where to start this post is simply about the pre-organizational prep.

The first thing you are going to need is your writing/filing/note-taking materials. I suggest the following.

  • 1-5 notebooks (Either 5x 1 subject notebooks or 1×5 subject notebook). I use 5 separate notebooks because I prefer the well put together journal type notebooks more than say the hilroy notebooks for example but it is up to you and your preference.
  • Writing utensils (pens and/or pencils)
  • 1x 3″ binders or 5x 1″ binders (I go for the 3″ binder so that everything is in one place)
    • dividers (only if you go with the one binder option)

    Some people will opt to have a folder on their computer instead which is fine if that is how you choose to organize yourself, I personally prefer to have paper copies of everything.


     Secondly you need to decide on your organizing tools

    Although I opt to have everything in a physical form I also believe that it is productive to have a few apps such as or even something as simple as a google calendar with reminders to organize your to-do lists. I actually use both as well as my physical calendar and day planner. The up side of is you can decide on what needs to be done today vs. someday and you get reminded routinely to update your to-do list, you can also use it for shopping lists etc. What I really like about google calendar is it will mark me as busy if I am in a meeting and can be accessed through various apps. Being old school I love having my wall calendar and portable day planner although realistically I don’t think they are absolutely necessary


    Third and final tip for this post.

    Separate your notebooks into the following categories : Home, Personal Development, Relationships, To-Do/Schedule &  Self Care. Separate your binders into the following categories: Budgeting, Pets/Children, Emergency Planning, Goal Planning & Home Organization.

    So now that you have your materials together and ready to use you are set to begin your full life organization.  It is not necessary to have the exact materials I listed, you could do 10 binders, 10 notebooks, 1 binder and 1 notebook, it doesn’t matter as long as you have somewhere to store 10 categories of information.


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