25 ways to love yourself

It’s important to look after yourself, to promote your own self care & love life. We tend to get so busy working, studying, taking care of family & friends & co-workers & strangers that we forget about our selves. Neglecting our own self care can lead to increased depression, anxiety, stress and strain in our interpersonal relationships. Below is a list of 25 things you can do to promote your own self care.

  1. Have a morning stretch– Gets the blood moving, gets your brain running & gives you a few minutes to ground yourself.
  2. Unplug– Electronics and the instant way of life can be stressful, even if you don’t notice your internal anxiety is always heightened so just take a day, an hour or however long you can and just unplug from the world and be in the moment.
  3. Ask for help– We are not able to do everything on our own, sometimes things get out of control or just start to pile up so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  4. Find a mantra and keep it with you– One I like and am currently using is I am doing my best and that’s all I can expect from myself
  5. Stop Judging others–Not for their sake but for your own. Spite, Judgment and grudges don’t hurt the other people they hurt us so just let go of the negativity and you will have a more positive life.
  6. Take a bubble bath– no explanation needed
  7. Declutter your closet– A cluttered space is a cluttered mind
  8. Listen to loud music–Music has an uplifting ability, it frees the mind and calms the body, drown out the negativity, stress or frustration of everyday life.
  9. Get rid of your scales– I believe in focusing on health not weight, scales tend to make people obsessed and it is never a good thing to be obsessed with your weight, it is just a number.
  10. Do something you are afraid to do– Push your limits, face your fears
  11. Stop worrying about other people’s opinions– what others think of you says more about them than it does about you
  12. Stop trying to “fit in” –Don’t sacrifice who you are for the sake of someone else
  13. Journal everything you’ve been holding in– A daily journal is a good way to get out your frustrations, anxieties and pain before they bottle up and explode
  14. Write a letter to your younger self– Do you have advice you wish you could give yourself at 10,12,15,18,20? Write yourself a letter and let them know
  15. Write a letter to your older self– What do you want to remember about this point in your life, write a letter to yourself and put it away somewhere until the time comes to read it
  16. Dress up for yourself– who says you need an occasion to get dolled up, get dressed up, do your hair and make up just to make yourself feel better
  17. Read a good book– Take some me-time to read a new book or an old favourite
  18. Don’t live your life online– Obviously as a blogger I spend quite a bit of time on my computer but you need to socialize as well, in the real world. Living online is not really living
  19. Dance in public– Have fun, make a fool out of yourself, you only live once enjoy it
  20. Watch TED Talks–There are ted talks about everything, pick a topic and watch away
  21. Create an evening routine– The best way to have a good morning is to go to bed organized
  22. Doodle– Draw yourself a picture be it in a sketch book, in a bullet journal or in the margins of your planner.
  23. Evaluate your life and cut what’s not working– Evaluate how you spend your day and who you spend it with if there is negativity that is unnecessary get rid of it.
  24. Get more sleep– Adults should get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night to be fully rested
  25. Learn to say no— If something is not necessary or bring you joy just don’t do it.

What do you do for self care? let me know in the comments. and check back next Sunday for more self care tips


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