Time Management Mistakes Day 3

Now that we’ve covered to-do lists and goal setting how do you make yourself get things done? Procrastination is what tends to keep us from achieving our goals. Today we will battle & beat procrastination.

Step 1– Why are you procrastinating?

There are a variety of reasons that people procrastinate. 1) do you find the task boring and/or unpleasant? 2) are you just disorganized? 3) do you feel overwhelmed? 4) do you have underdeveloped decision making skills?

Step 2– Learn anti-procrastinating skills

  • Reward yourself
  • Have someone keep you on track
  • Identify consequences of not completing the task

Step 3– Specific skills based on your reasoning

  • Disorganization
    • Create a to-do list (day 1)
    • Create time based goals (day 2)
    • Focus on one task at a time (day 4)\
  • Overwhelmed
    • Break the task into smaller more attainable tasks
  • Unpleasant
    • Remember the unpleasant consequences
    • Reward yourself for doing the tasks
  • Decision making skills
    • Go off your first instinct prioritize and just do it



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